Monday, June 23, 2008

Chapter 40

There were crumpled papers all around her on the floor along with broken pencils and eraser bits. She never struggled this much with a sketch before. Why was this one taking so much from her? Frannie glanced at the photos on the wall it’s the subject she thought. She pulled all the pictures down and went back to the computer. Maybe if she picked different ones it would be easier. I doubt it. She glanced down at the photo on top, he’s just too perfect. She sighed and scrolled through the shots again.

Jon watched her from the doorway. She was so focused on what she was doing she didn’t even notice him there. Her hair was pulled back with a clip and some strands had come loose which she was absently shoving back behind her ear. She seemed distressed. Her fingers tapped on the keys of her laptop and her eyes scanned the screen. He tapped lightly on the doorframe, “hey.” She jerked and looked up, “oh, hi. I didn’t realize you were there.” Jon crossed the room to her, “I know you didn’t.” He looked around, noting the carnage on the floor, “having trouble?”

Frannie nodded her head, “I just can’t get it right. It’s been a long time since I had this problem. I think it’s the subject this time.” She smiled as she waited for his reaction. His eyes widened, “what do you mean it’s the ‘subject’ the ‘subject’ is me, what’s wrong with me?”

Frannie laid her hand on his arm, “nothing is wrong with you other than the fact that you are just so amazing I am having trouble capturing you the way I want.” She paused and smiled, “why couldn’t you just be some joe schmo nobody?” Jon chuckled, “if I was some ‘joe schmo nobody’ you wouldn’t be trying to draw me and we wouldn’t be having this conversation now would we?” Frannie laughed; “no, I guess not.” Jon pulled her into a hug, “why don’t you take a break? Come and have dinner and just relax for a while. Start fresh in the morning.”

Taking a break sounded like a good idea. Frannie cleaned up and went in search of Geena and Sophie. She hadn’t seen her baby girl almost all day. She relieved Geena and took Sophie downstairs to the den where Jon had started a fire and was sitting reading the newspaper. All he needed was a pipe and a dog at his feet and he could be a Norman Rockwell painting. Frannie smiled at the thought. Sophie started squirming so Frannie laid a blanket down on the floor and set the baby down. As the baby rolled around Frannie looked up and saw Jon watching them. He had flipped the corner of the newspaper down and he was peering over the edge. Frannie hopped up, “watch her for a minute?” she called over her shoulder and she rushed from the room.

Grabbing her sketch book she put pencil to paper and drew his eyes as they had just been looking at her; over the edge of the newspaper, the lines at the corners crinkled in what she imagined was a slight smile behind the paper. She picked up her blue colored pencil and started filling in the irises when she glanced up to find Jon standing in the doorway with Sophie in his arms. “I thought you were taking a break.” She frowned slightly, “I know, but the way you looked just a minute ago, I had to get it down.” It was almost exactly what I was looking for earlier. Jon walked over and stilled her hands, “dinner’s ready, will you stop now?” Setting her things aside she once again shut the light off and headed out of the room.

After dinner Frannie took Sophie upstairs and fed her before turning her over to Geena for the night. When she returned, Jon was stretched out on the couch flipping through the channels on the TV. She sat down on the floor beside the couch, reached for his free hand and pulled it across the front of her, kissing his forearm lightly. Jon settled on some old movie and set the remote on the table near his head. He leaned over and kissed Frannie’s head, “you look awfully comfy dressed like that.” She tilted her head and looked up at him, “I am awfully comfy.” She had changed into a tank top and cotton drawstring sleep pants. He dropped a kiss on her upturned face, “there’s room up here for two you know.” Frannie stretched out along side him, resting her head on his arm.

Jon reached up and pulled the clip from her hair “you’re hair is so soft.” He spoke quietly as he ran his fingers through her dark tresses. She closed her eyes as his fingers found her scalp and started to massage lightly. “Mmmm, that feels nice.” she sighed. His hand worked its way down to her neck where he dipped his head and pressed a light kiss to the nape, then to her shoulder, caressing the soft skin he found there and skimmed lightly down her side, resting on her hip. Frannie tried to turn so she was facing him but he held her fast, “don’t.” He continued to stroke her hip, easing his hand around and under her top at the small of her back. The fine hairs on her arms stood up as he stroked the sensitive skin at her lower back and she shifted restlessly against him. “Jon” she turned her head to look at him, “I want to touch you too.” He moved his hand around to her stomach and slowly slid higher, “not yet.”

As his thumb caressed the lower curve of her breast Frannie felt his warm breath on her neck and then the tip of his tongue as he traced circles and pressed kisses all along her nape. She closed her eyes against the storm that was brewing inside her. Turning her head again Jon’s mouth found hers as his fingers closed over one hardened nipple. She groaned into his mouth as he tugged gently on first one and then the other. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore his hand moved, sliding back across her stomach, pausing at the drawstring of her pants. Frannie reached behind her as he tugged and loosened the drawstring. As she cupped him through his jeans he discovered she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Their groans mingled as she stroked him. He pulled his hand from her to rid himself of his jeans and shirt; her of her pants and top.

As he settled back down behind her, Frannie reached for him again. He was hot and hard as she stroked him. Jon’s hand found its way back between her thighs; she was so ready for him she nearly came when he touched her. He continued to stroke her, stopping before she could come. Frannie whimpered, “please” and he stilled her hand on him, “hold on baby.” He shifted her leg and slid into her in one slow thrust. Frannie nearly cried with relief as her body took him. She pressed back against him, taking him deeper. He moved, slowly, drawing out each movement, intent on taking his time. He wrapped his arm around her, her back pressed against his chest as he thrust into her. He hand snaked down, fingertips fluttering lightly across her stomach, down through the soft curls and stroking her clit.

Frannie was drowning, drowning in the sensation that was Jon. His touch was frustrating light and his hips were moving maddeningly slow. She raised her arm to curl around and into his hair pulling him to her for a kiss. As their mouths met Jon’s fingers stroked her more intently. Frannie pulled her mouth from his, “God Jon, please.” He pumped into her harder, pushing her into her orgasm as he spilled into her.

They lay quietly, breathing slowing, heartbeats calming. Jon pulled the throw from the back of the couch to cover them. He stroked Frannie’s shoulder, kissing it lightly. He looked at her face, her eyes were closed, a small smile on her lips. “Still thinking about the drawing baby?” Frannie’s eyes were arousal hazed as she tried to open them, “what drawing?”

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chapter 39

The next day, after unpacking and getting Sophie settled, Frannie took her laptop into her studio, and starting choosing the pictures she was going to print out. When she had about 30 she saved them to her flash drive and took it along with some photo grade paper to Jon’s office. She could hear him on the phone, so she just cracked open the door and poked her head in and waited. He looked up and motioned for her to come in.

She sat in a chair across from him and looked around. The office was totally him. The walls were painted an off white and there were framed posters of the Giants and the Soul hanging on the walls as well as a glass case with a signed football. The shelf over his desk held various awards for his humanitarian and philanthropy work and the desk itself was a cluttered mess of papers, files and the computer.

Jon finished his call and looked over at Frannie, “welcome to my mess, what can I do for you?” Frannie smiled, “can I use your printer?” Jon swiveled his chair to look at his computer and printer. “I haven’t even turned anything on yet. The damn phone won’t stop ringing.” Just as he said the words it rang again. Jon got up, “go ahead” he motioned for her to switch seats with him.

Frannie didn’t want to print out the pictures with him there, but she had no choice. She booted up the computer and frowned. She looked over at Jon, trying to get his attention. He glanced up at her, “what’s your password?” He held up his finger, “just a sec.” “Okay, no that’s fine. Thursday at 7:30. I’ll be there.” He closed the phone and let out a breath, “my brother is going to be the death of me I swear. Does he not understand that I am just one person?”

Frannie just shook her head, “well if you weren’t involved in so many projects you wouldn’t need to clone yourself.” Jon laughed, “I suppose but I just can’t seem to say no to anyone.” He set the phone down on the desk, “now what did you need?” She looked at the screen and then back at him, “your password.”

He hesitated and then decided just to give it to her, “don’t laugh.” Frannie looked at him, “why would I laugh?” He told her, “march21962.” She chuckled, “nice, why not just use your name or something?” He smirked and came around the desk, “I asked you not to laugh.” She looked up at him, “I couldn’t help myself, it was funny.” He started to laugh too, “I know its lame, but at least I’ll never forget it. So, what do you need my printer for?” Frannie shook her head, “oh no, I’m not telling. You need to get gone for about five minutes.”

“I need to get gone? You’re kicking me out of my own office?” He pouted and crossed his arms across his chest, “you can’t make me.” Frannie looked up and laughed, he looked too cute standing there with his bottom lip poking out. “Wanna bet?” He nodded his head, “it’s my office, I don’t have to leave if I don’t want to.” Frannie stood and nibbled on his bottom lip before sucking it into her mouth and then letting go, “I could not do that thing with my tongue again that you found so enjoyable last night.” His eyes widened and he raised his hands in defeat, “I’m going. Five minutes woman, I’ll be back in five minutes.” He strode to the door muttering something about evil women.

When he came back Frannie had retrieved her flash drive and was straightening the pages she had printed. She stood when she saw him in the doorway, “I’m finished so I’ll get out of your way now.” He crossed the room to her, “you’re really not going to show me?” Frannie shook her head, “nope. It’s part of my new project and I don’t want you to see it yet. She held out her hand to him, “I do, however, have something that I finished this morning that you can look at if you want.” He took her hand, “lead the way baby.”

They walked into her studio and Jon stopped and stared. She had finished the painting from the Philly Soul game she had started before they left for their trip. “You’ve got to let me hang this in their offices.” He spoke without taking his eye from the canvas. “This is amazing. They’re going to love it over there.” Frannie stepped next to him and laid her hand on his shoulder, “of course you can have it for the Soul offices. That’s why I finished it up today. You can take it with you the next time you go.” He turned and pressed his lips to hers, “thank you baby. This is great.” She opened her mouth to him and his tongue swept inside, sending her senses into overdrive. She dropped the stack of photos she had printed and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, giving herself over to the kiss.

Jon slowly eased back, nipping her lips as he did. He looked down and saw the photos scattered across the floor. Bring his eyes back to hers he smiled, “you dropped something baby.” Frannie’s eyes widened and she looked down, “dammit.” She bent to retrieve the pictures and Jon bent to help her, “getting started on your new project?” He glanced at the pictures he had picked up before handing them to her. She blew out a breath, “yes, but please don’t ask me about it. I’m still trying to figure it out before I put pencil to paper.” They stood at the same time and he handed her the last of the pictures, “okay baby, I’ll leave you to get to work.” He kissed her lightly again before leaving the room.

Frannie took the photos to the other side of the room and laid them out on the floor. She knew which one she wanted for the focal point of the drawing and it was just a matter of getting the rest fanned out around it so the drawing would flow right. Frannie looked down at the floor and decided she needed the pictures at eye level. She pulled her phone from her hip and called Jon in his office.

Jon had just set the phone on the desk when it rang again. “What?!” he asked a little harshly. “I didn’t mean to bother you babe but I have a question.” Jon ran his hand over his face, “sorry I barked at you. What do you need?” Frannie looked at the wall, “would you mind if I pinned a few things to the wall while I’m working?” Jon started scanning his e-mail as he was talking “no, go ahead, it’s your space now do whatever you want to it.” She bent to pick up a picture “thanks.” She clicked off and looked down at the pictures scattered around her, she was going to need a bigger sheet of paper.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chapter 38

Jon waited all morning for Frannie to tell him. She hadn’t said anything to him about her idea and it was starting to wear on him. Once they were settled on the plane and they were in the air, Frannie got out her laptop and slipped the memory card from her camera into the computer and started downloading the pictures she had taken. Jon leaned over to see what she was doing, “what’re you doing?” She ran her fingers through his hair, “getting a jump on that idea I need to tell you about.” Jon smiled and took her hand, kissing her fingers, “am I going to like this idea?”

Frannie smiled at him, “I think you may like it better than my original one. Does that help?” Jon shook his head, “not really since I don’t know what this new idea is yet. Are you going to tell me or do I have to get mean?” She raised an eyebrow, “mean?”

Jon looked over to Geena, she wasn’t paying attention to them and he turned back to Frannie, running a hand up under her skirt, trailing his fingers lightly up her inner thigh, “mean.” Frannie inhaled deeply, “okay, I’ll tell you, just move your hand.” He shook his head, “nope, I like it right where it is.”

Trying her best to ignore the hand that was under her skirt, Frannie turned her laptop toward Jon. “Take a look and tell me what you think.” Jon angled the computer so he could see the screen and started scrolling through the pictures. “These are all of me.” His eyes widened and his hand tightened its grip on Frannie’s thigh at the one she had snapped while he was in the shower. It was just a side shot and you couldn’t really see anything but that it was still a surprise to see himself like that.

He continued to scroll through, hmming at most of the shots. He turned his gaze from the screen to Frannie when he was finished, “I don’t remember you taking half of these. You’re pretty sneaky you know.” She smiled, “I know. You weren’t supposed to know I was taking the pictures; that was the whole point. I’m going to use them instead of having you pose for me.”

Jon opened his mouth to speak and then closed it again. She had caught him off guard with that remark. He slid his hand from her, “you don’t want me to pose for you now?” Frannie sighed and turned the computer back toward her, “its not that I don’t want you to Jon, its more that you don’t really want to do it for me. I found another route to take and we’ll see how it turns out. If I don’t like it, no one has to see it and you won’t have to worry about it.” When he didn’t say anything she turned her attention back to the computer.

Jon laid his head back on the seat, closed his eyes and thought about what she had said. She’s right, I really didn’t want to do it but now, I don’t know. He looked over at her; she was scanning the pictures, sorting them, filing them away for future use. She looked up and found him staring at her, “what?” He sighed, “you’re right.” She had no idea what he was talking about. “Right about what?” Jon reached over to her, took her hand, “I really didn’t want to pose for you.” Frannie didn’t look surprised, “I know you didn’t you were just trying to appease me Jon, I’m not stupid.”

His gaze shifted to the window and then back at Frannie, “I know you’re not stupid. I never said you were. I’m just uncomfortable with the whole idea. I’ve never done something like that before.” Frannie shook her head, “yes you have.” Now Jon was confused, “what are you talking about?” She smiled, “have you forgotten a certain set of photos, I’m fairly certain you have said that Elton John has the negatives for. Versace I believe they were?” His cheeks colored, “I try to forget about those. They weren’t supposed to be seen by anyone.”

Frannie finished and closed the computer, “I know and that’s all I’m trying to avoid by changing the direction of the piece I was going to do. I don’t want you to be embarrassed or hurt by what I may do. I’m just trying to protect you and your family by taking this route.” He looked visibly relieved when she said this. He leaned closer to her, kissing her cheek, “thank you baby. I just have one more question though.” She turned her head to look at him, “oh, what’s that?”

He smiled, “what are you going to do with all those pictures you took when you’re finished with them?”