Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chapter 27

Entering the house Frannie bid goodnight to Tico and left he and Jon in the den, sipping a brandy and talking about the evening. She made her way upstairs, wanting to check on Sophie.

In Sophie’s room she walked to the crib and gazed down at her sleeping baby. She was on her stomach, butt up in the air and her thumb had made its way into her mouth. Frannie pulled the blanket up and ran her hand lightly over the soft downy hair. “I love you baby girl” she whispered as she stood and watched her daughter sleep. Frannie’s eyes started to get heavy as she stood there so with a final light caress across the baby’s cheek, she left the room and headed to the room next door.

Stopping at the dresser, she removed the bangle from her wrist and the scarf from her neck. She pulled the pins from her hair and let the dark mass tumble down past her shoulders as she gently shook it out. Crossing to the bed she sat and removed her shoes and then lay back, just going to close my eyes for a minute.

Jon came up a little while later and found Frannie lying across the bed. “Hey baby, you going to get undressed?” When she didn’t move, didn’t answer him, he moved closer and realized that she was asleep. Jon reached over and shook her gently, “baby?” When she still didn’t move he shook her a little harder, “come on baby, you need to at least get your dress off.” Frannie cracked open her eyes, “wh-what?” Jon smiled, “you fell asleep, come on sit up, I’ll help you with your dress.”

She sat up sleepily and he reached around and unzipped the dress, sliding it down her arms and letting it pool at her waist. He reached around her again and unclasped her bra, sliding it off and dropping it on the chair by the bed. Frannie made a move to stand and Jon helped her, letting the dress fall to the floor. He picked it up and laid it on the chair along with her bra. Her garter and stockings followed, leaving her clad in only her black lace thong. Jon shook his head, as much as he wanted her now, he knew she was too tired tonight. He pulled the covers back on the bed and she crawled in. “What about you?”

Jon looked down at her, “just give me a minute baby.” He stripped out of his suit and slid into bed next to her, pulling her close. She pressed a kiss to the center of his chest, “I’m sorry Jon; I’m just so tired.” He cradled her in his arms and kissed her head, “Don’t worry about it baby. We’ve got all week, sleep now.” He felt her relax against him and as her breathing evened out he knew she was asleep. He thought about the evening and wondered if she had meant what she said about giving all the money away. It was a noble gesture, no doubt about that, but was it realistic for her? He was going to have to talk to her about that, find out what she really intended.

He stroked the dark hair that was spread across him; he was finding it harder and harder to imagine his life without Frannie in it. He loved that she had come to Philly with him, had wanted to know that part of his life. While Dorothea hadn’t minded it, she wasn’t a fan of it either. Getting her to go with him had been akin to pulling teeth with no novocaine, excruciatingly painful. It had gotten to the point where he just stopped asking her to go with him anywhere. True, he liked to stay home as much as the next guy, but there were certain events and outings that couldn’t be avoided. He sighed and kissed the top of Frannie’s head, “I love you baby” he whispered into the dark as he drifted off.

Frannie woke early, before the alarm and found herself still wrapped in Jon’s embrace. She snuggled, enjoying the warmth of him and then, very carefully, she tried to untangle herself from him without waking him up. She wasn’t successful. As she tried to move away from him Jon tightened his hold on her. Looking up, Frannie found herself looking right into his dangerous baby blues. “Good morning.”

He smiled a sleepy morning smile at her, “where do you think you’re going?” Frannie smiled back, “apparently nowhere.” He kissed her forehead, “glad you figured that out.” They lay together, chatting about the night before and the trip that they were leaving on in a few hours. “Baby?” Frannie looked up at him, “hmmm, what?” He stroked her arm lightly with his fingers, “are you really going to give all the money you made last night away?” She pressed a kiss to the center of his chest then levered herself up on her elbow so she could look at him, “that’s my plan, yes. Does that surprise you?”

Jon thought about what she said, “no, I guess it doesn’t, but I thought you would keep a little for yourself.” “Well” she stroked her fingers over his chest and up his neck, “I’ll tuck some away for Sophie but, there’s this guy I’ve been seeing, and well, I think I might want to get him a little something too.” Jon took her hand, kissed her palm and pushed her so she was lying on her back, kissing down her neck to the top of her chest, “you don’t need to spend your money on me baby.” Frannie looked down at him, a wicked twinkle in her eye, “what makes you think I was talking about you?” He jerked his head up and, seeing that she was teasing nipped at her neck and pouted “what, I’m not good enough for you anymore?” While he waited for her answer he kept his mouth busy on her skin, leaving a trail of goose bumps as he worked his way to her breasts.

Frannie smiled naughtily, “its not that you’re not good enough” she gasped when he circled her nipple with the tip of his tongue, “yeah then what is it?” He asked without looking up at her. She smiled and sighed as he gently sucked on the hardened tip, “you’re older than me.” He looked up at her then, seeing the smile on her face. He smiled back at her, “bitch. I may be older baby, but with age comes experience.” Frannie laughed, “oh really, can you back that statement up?” Jon shook his head, “oh yeah.” She drew him up to her and kissed him hard, “prove it baby.”

Jon took the challenge and by the time had to get out of bed, Frannie had no doubt in her mind that his age would never be a hindrance to his abilities. He sauntered to the bathroom to shower and stopped, looking back at where she still lay in the bed, “are you going to get up?” Frannie looked over at him, a sated look on her face, “I’m not sure I can walk yet.” Jon smirked at her, “and you called me old.” She stuck her tongue out at him, threw the covers off and joined him in the shower.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Chapter 26

Frannie had just stepped from the bathroom, wrapped in her robe and fresh from a bath when Jon walked in. Her scent, emphasized by the steam flowing from the bathroom, surrounded him. He crossed the room to her, nuzzling in her neck “god you smell good. What is that?” Frannie picked his head up so she could see his face, “it’s called moonlight. I’m glad you like it.” He kissed her and then nuzzled in close again, running the tip of his tongue up and down the side of her neck, making Frannie shudder, “what time to do we have to be there?” Frannie ran her hands up his arms, “soon.” He pulled away from her and sighed, “my timing sucks as usual. You finish getting ready, I’m gonna go shower.” He dropped a kiss on her lips and headed into the bathroom, leaving a trail of clothes on the way. Frannie just shook her head and opened the closet.

Jon stepped back into the room wrapped in a towel, drying his hair with another and stopped in his tracks. Frannie was sitting on the edge of the bed, sliding her stockings up and hooking them to the garters. He walked over to her and ran his fingers up and down the garters. She looked up at him, her amber eyes glittering with a hint of the devil, “something wrong?” His eyes had darkened to near indigo, “you know what this does to me.” She stood and slipped her robe back on, “so you’re saying you like it?” He shook his head, “you know I do.” Frannie smiled at him, “gives you something to think about all night.” She went to the vanity to finish her hair and make up. He went to the closet to get his suit, “if I think about that all night, I won’t be able to walk properly.” Frannie chuckled, “you’d better be careful then. You don’t want to hurt yourself now do you?” He muttered something Frannie couldn’t quite understand and proceeded to get dressed.

Frannie swept her hair up in a soft topknot, leaving some face framing curls trailing down. She slipped on her dressed and turned to Jon and gasped. He was all in black. “Are you all right?” She nodded her head, “you look wow.” He laughed, “I take it that’s good?” Again she nodded “oh yeah. Now, could you zip me please?” He motioned for her to turn and he let his lips slide over the soft skin at her nape as he zipped her dress. She sighed as she turned and pressed a kiss to his lips, “you are bound and determined to get me flustered tonight, aren’t you?” He searched her face, “is it working?” She shook her head no but her mouth said “yes”. Jon laughed, “good. Now you can suffer too.” Frannie stuck her tongue out at him and walked over to the mirror. The black dress was the one she always wore, but tonight it seemed somehow to be lacking.

Rummaging through one of her bags she found a bright scarf. Moving back to the mirror she wrapped it around her neck, letting one end trail down the back of the dress and other down the front. The red scarf had a gold metallic thread running through it and it was just the punch of color that the dress needed. She added a bold gold bangle bracelet and her black heels before turning to Jon. “Well, what do you think?” He scanned her from head to foot and back again. “If we don’t leave this room right now, we won’t until tomorrow.” Frannie grabbed her purse and Jon’s hand, “let’s go so we can hurry up and get back then.”

Tico was waiting by the front door for them and whistled when he saw them coming down the stairs. “Querido, you are beautiful” he told her when they reached the door. “What are you doing with this” he looked Jon up and down “wanna be playboy?” “Hey!” Jon tried to look insulted. Frannie laughed and kissed Tico on the cheek, “you know I was wondering that myself when I saw you standing down here waiting for us.” She hooked her arm through his, “shall we?” Jon stood there, looking for all the world like he just lost his best friend, “what about me” he nearly whined. Frannie looked back at him and held out her hand, “come on you big baby, let’s go.” He took her hand and drew her close for a kiss, “who are you calling a baby?” She ran the tip of her tongue across his lower lip, “you. Can we go now?” Jon pulled the door shut behind them and they headed to the Alliance.

The show was a huge success. Jon watched Frannie all night and was more and more impressed with the woman she was slowly becoming. She worked the room as well as he ever had. She talked to everyone. She was open, friendly, gregarious, personable. Once she had gotten over her initial nerves, she was just ‘on’ the rest of the night. It was almost like he was watching an entirely different person. He came up behind her at one point, when she was alone and slid his arm around her, his breath warm at her ear “how’re you doing?” She took a sip of her wine, “I’m okay.”

He let his tongue snake out to trace her ear, “I’d say you’re better than that baby. I’ve been watching you. You’re a pro.” She felt her face heat up, “you’ve been watching me?” He ran his fingers lightly up her arm, “I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. You work a room almost better than I work a crowd.” The light touch on her arm combined with his warm breath and low voice in her ear was nearly her undoing. She turned a soft smile on him, “you’re lying, but thank you anyway. I’m almost done then we can go.” He watched as she walked away, willing her to hurry.

By the end of the night every piece Frannie had put in the show had sold. Try as she might not to be too interested, her curiosity got the better of her and she just had to know who bought the one of Jon. She would be sad to see it go, but maybe, just maybe, she could get him to sit for another.

Jon watched her as she walked to the other room. He followed, wanting to see where she was going. Most of the patrons had left and Joan was doing a final tally of the evening. So when Frannie was ready, they could go too. Walking into the room he watched her face as she looked at the sold tag. Her eyes widened when she saw who had bought it and how much it had sold for. Frannie lifted her head to see him standing in the doorway, leaning against the jamb. “So, who’s the lucky bastard who gets to take me home?”

She shook her head slightly, “why Jon, why did you do this?” He crossed the room to her, “did you honestly think I was going to let this painting go home with someone other than myself tonight? Tico even tried to outbid me on it, but I just couldn’t let anyone else have it.” Frannie couldn’t believe he had done this. “But you spent way too much Jon. I can’t let you do that. You should have just asked me for it. I would have given it to you.” He took her hand, “I knew you would do that and that’s not what I wanted. Look at that painting. It’s worth way more than what I spent and I know how hard you worked and how much it means to you.

Frannie wiped at a tear that had rolled down her cheek, “thank you Jon. This means so much. You have no idea.” He pulled her into his arms, pressing a kiss on her cheek. “You were amazing tonight baby.” There was a noise behind them and turning, they found Tico and Joan standing in the doorway. “Sorry to interrupt,” Joan started “but we are ready to lock up.” She crossed the room to Frannie, “this is for you. This was quite a night. Thank you. Let me know when you are ready to do it again.” Frannie took the offered check, “I’ll call you Joan. Thanks.”

Jon, Tico and Frannie were in the car and halfway home before she thought to look at the check. Her eye’s widened, “Oh my God! This can’t be right.” Jon looked over at her, “what’s the matter baby?” She held out the check to him, “this check. It can’t be right. I’ve never gotten one this big before.” He took it, looked at it and handed it back, “congratulations. What are you going to do with it?” He wasn’t going to tell her that a good portion of that was for the painting he had bought. She looked at him, dumbfounded, “that’s it, that’s all you have to say? I just showed you a check for a quarter of a million dollars and that’s all you have to say?” Jon shrugged, “what you had there tonight was worth more than that if you ask me. So, again, what are you going to do with it?” She smiled at him, “give it all away.”

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chapter 25

The day of her show, Frannie was a bundle of nervous energy. She didn’t know what to do with herself. Up early, she had fed Sophie and spent a long time babbling and playing with her daughter and making sure everything was ready for their trip the next day. Sophie’s things didn’t take up hardly any room and her bag was by the door, ready to grab and go in the morning. Frannie smiled, a whole week in Turks & Caicos with Jon. It’s going to be amazing. When Geena came in Frannie headed downstairs to find a cup of coffee.

Jon stretched, reaching for Frannie, but frowned when his hand encountered only cold empty sheets. He rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom, wondering if she had slept at all. She had been so restless last night. He knew she was nervous about the show, but all he could do was reassure her that she had nothing to worry about. He paused as he was brushing his teeth; maybe this is just how she gets before a show. He had been seeing bits and pieces of a Frannie he hadn’t known before. Slowly she was letting go of the scared, timid young woman she had been and was finding her way to the strong independent woman she once was. Little by little she was regaining her sense of herself and Jon had to admit, he liked what he was seeing. He smiled as he wiped his mouth, I can’t wait for our trip tomorrow.

Throwing on some sweats, he headed downstairs, his nose leading him to the coffee. He noticed the pot was half empty and wondered where Frannie was as the first hit of caffeine flowed through him. Wandering through the house he found her right where he figured she’d be; her new studio. Her back was to him so he just stood and studied her. Her hair was clipped haphazardly up at the back of her head; she still wore her robe and had pulled on a pair of thick socks. She made quite the picture. He moved closer to see what she was working on so intently.

Frannie hadn’t heard him come in, but she knew he was there. She sensed him as he got closer, “good morning.” Jon nearly jumped out of his skin. He hadn’t realized she had known he was there. “Jesus Frannie, don’t do that, I nearly dumped my coffee all over myself.” She turned and laughed at his expression, “well you shouldn’t try to sneak up on a person. It’s not nice.” He laughed, “how did you know I was even here? I thought I was being quiet.” Frannie set her brush down, “you were being quiet, I don’t know, I just knew you were here.” Jon pulled her to him with his free hand and hugged her close, “good morning baby. Did you sleep at all?” Frannie wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek, “a little. I’m too wound up. Nerves I guess.” He opened his mouth to reassure her again but she stopped him, her fingers over his mouth. “Don’t say it. I already know. I have nothing to worry about. It’s just been a long time and I always get like this. It’s just how I am.”

Jon kissed her fingers, “well since I don’t have to tell you not to worry, how about you show me what you are working on now.” They turned toward the easel and Jon nodded his approval. “Very nice. What did you do with the sketches from the other night? You were going to put something together for the office in Philly for me, right?” Frannie nodded, “I’m working on it but I wanted to try to get this done and possibly put it in the show tonight.” The painting was from the Soul game that they had gone to. It showed the field before the players came running out, the huge helmet inflated and waiting, the cheerleaders at the ready, pom poms held high. Jon set his coffee cup down and moved to stand behind Frannie, rubbing her shoulders lightly, “you need to relax baby. You’re going to burn yourself out if you don’t slow down a little.” Frannie sighed, “I know, but I just want tonight to go well.” Jon continued to rub her shoulders, leaning in to kiss the nape of her neck, “tonight is going to be great baby.” His breath ghosted over skin leaving goose bumps in its wake and Frannie shivered.

“You keep that up and I’m never going to get this done.” She tried to move away from him, but he held her there, “that’s the idea baby.” As he kissed her neck and trailed his tongue up behind her ear, his hands moved from her shoulders and snaked around to the belt of her robe. As he started to loosen it she stopped him, putting her hand over his, “not here, anyone could walk in here.” Jon sighed, “okay, how about we go back upstairs?” He nudged her and together they headed out of the studio and back to his room.

He stopped her at the side of the bed, loosening the belt of the robe and slipping it from her shoulders. She was still naked from the night before, save for the socks she had pulled on that morning. “Love the socks baby.” Frannie looked down and giggled and shrugged her shoulders, “my feet were cold.” She took the socks off and Jon had her lay face down on the bed. He climbed up and straddled her butt, “close your eyes and relax baby.” He started massaging her shoulders and down her arms, working all the nerves and tension out. “That feel so good Jon” she breathed out as he worked her muscles into total relaxation. He continued until he felt her breathing even out and she had stopped talking. Pulling her hair to one side he could see that she was asleep. He moved off of her and covered her with the discarded robe. “Sleep well baby” he whispered as he kissed her cheek and headed to take a shower.

As he was standing under the water, rinsing the shampoo from his hair, he felt a pair of arms wrap around him. “He baby, I thought you were sleeping.” She moved closer, tucking herself against his chest, “just a catnap. I told you, I’m too wound up.” She looked up at him, “I will, however, probably sleep through the plane ride tomorrow.” He smiled and wrapped his arms around her, “that’s just fine baby. As long as you don’t plan on sleeping the whole week away.” She stroked her hands up and down his back, sluicing the water from him, “not unless you do.” He leaned down, his mouth a breath from hers, “oh, I plan on spending time in bed” he kissed her, “but we can sleep on the plane on the way home.” He kissed her again, nibbling at her lower lip and skimming across her jaw. Jon ran his hands up and down her sides, stroking the curves of her breasts, teasing the tips with his thumbs. Frannie sighed and dropped her head back, exposing her neck to Jon’s warm mouth.

Easing her back, Jon had Frannie lean against the wall of the shower. She watched as he picked up the shower puff and poured some of her shower gel on it. He started at her feet, gently working his way up her leg to the crease of her thigh, sliding to her hip and then back down to her foot. He repeated the action on the other leg, letting the puff trail lightly over her mound as he moved on to her stomach. She gasped at the light touch, her muscles tensing. Jon smiled and continued, he washed her arms and hands, his touch was light and teasing as he washed her breasts, watching as he lightly ran the puff across the tips, hardening them all that much more. He turned her to wash her back and her butt, dropping the puff to the floor as he moved her back into to the spray to rinse away the foam. She closed her eyes as he reached for the shampoo and massaged the lather into her hair. When the shampoo was rinsed away, Jon worked her conditioner in, taking care with her long dark tresses. Frannie opened her eyes to find his blue ones intent on her, watching, waiting. She reached for him, stroking her hands over his chest, lightly dragging her hands down the line of hair, past his abs and lower, cupping him lightly.

Jon groaned as she touched him, reaching out to pull her closer, his mouth searching and finding hers. He backed her to the wall, his mouth never leaving hers, her hand continuing to stroke him. His fingers swept up her leg, bring it up to rest on his hip before dipping into her heat. She was more than ready for him. He pulled her hand from him and dipped his knees, sliding into her has he straightened. She brought her other leg up, wrapping them around his waist and he could feel her tightening around him already. He pulled his mouth from hers, pleading “baby not yet, wait for me.” Frannie grasped his shoulders, biting on her lower lip trying to hold back. “Hurry Jon” she begged and her mouth closed over his. He thrust into her over and over, and Frannie couldn’t hold back, “Jon!” Her orgasm hit her hard, her nails biting into his shoulders as she held on. He stroked in and out again, finding his release, his groan mingling with the last of her scream.

They stood, still joined for several long moments, catching their breath. Jon moved slightly, slipping from her and letting her slide to her feet. He cradled her against him, “you okay baby?” She nodded against his chest “oh yeah.” He moved them back to the spray of water that was fast cooling, “hurry and rinse off baby.” They finished their shower and Jon wrapped them both in fluffy towels, rubbing his hands up and down Frannie’s arms to keep her warm.

They lingered as they dressed, chatting about everything and nothing. Frannie pulled on jeans and a sweatshirt, “I have to go over to the Alliance in a little bit, do you want to come with me? We could maybe have lunch too.” He finished zipping his jeans, “I’d like to but I made plans with Teek today, sorry baby.” She shrugged and smiled, “its okay, I’ll have you all to myself next week, go play with your friend.” Jon smirked as he crossed the room to her, “I’ll see you later baby.” He kissed her and left the room, shaking his head all the way down the hall.

Frannie loaded up the car with a couple of other items for the show and headed to the Alliance. She found Joan when she got there and told her that she had a couple of other pieces to add. When Joan saw the one of Jon she decided it should be the centerpiece of the show. “It’s fantastic Frannie. One of your best I think.” Frannie shook her head, “you’re too kind Joan.” Joan smiled, “I just tell it like I see it. Come on let me show you the set up.” They took the pieces and headed to the show room. Joan let Frannie wander the room, allowing her to move thing around if she wanted to and switch things out if need be. As Frannie wandered she noticed that everything already had bids on them. “Joan, how is this possible? How can they all have bids already?”

Joan smiled gently at Frannie, “your show has been advertised for weeks dear and people come and go in here all the time. It’s only natural that there would be bids on everything. Just wait until tonight, this one here” she pointed at the one of Jon, “this is going to be a big hit, I just know it.” Frannie sighed, “I guess. I’m just surprised that’s all. I wasn’t expecting it to be like this.” She smiled at Joan, “thank you for everything.” They left the room and walked back to the Joan’s office, “I’m just doing my job. Now, go home, try to relax and I will see you later.”

Friday, February 8, 2008

Chapter 24

Standing at the closet trying to decide what to wear, Frannie’s eyes rested on her Soul Jersey, bringing back memories of a few nights ago. Shaking off those thoughts for now, she reached for her chocolate brown pants and a dark red v-neck shirt. Tico was arriving today and, no matter what Jon had said, she was nervous about meeting him. She had just stepped into her pants when Jon walked in.

“Hey baby, you about ready?” Frannie buttoned her pants and pulled on her shirt, “almost. What time is he supposed to be here?” Jon followed her as she walked to the bathroom and leaned against the door frame, “his flight gets in” he glanced at his watch “about now, so he should be here in about 40 minutes or so.” He watched as Frannie fumbled with her brush and he moved and took it from her, “there is no reason to be nervous” he told her as he ran the brush through her hair. She watched in the mirror, “you keep saying that but it’s not helping. Besides, it’s not just him.” Jon set the brush down, “what else is it?”

Frannie sighed and turned to face him, “it’s the show.” Jon’s eyebrow quirked, “the show?” She nodded, “it’s been so long since I was actually at one, I can’t help but think that maybe this is a mistake.” Frannie walked back into the bedroom to find her shoes, Jon close on her heels. “Why would you think it was a mistake? You should be proud of your work and want to be there to show it off.” She sat to slip her shoes on, “I am and I do, but it’s the ‘what ifs’ that keep rearing their ugly heads.” Jon chuckled, “the ‘what ifs’? What might they be bugging you about?” Frannie smiled and stood and moved to the mirror, making a final once over. “What if nobody shows, what if no likes this particular grouping?” She caught Jon’s eye in the mirror, “what if they don’t like me?”

Jon walked up behind her and turned her to face him, “I’ve seen what you can do and if people would have to be blind not to like your work. I wouldn’t worry about people showing up. I’m going to be there, as is Tico and judging from your past shows, even without you there, the people came out in droves.” He pulled her into his arms, “as for them liking you, what’s not to like. You’re very talented, very beautiful and I like you, so does anyone else really matter?” Frannie laughed at that, “thank you.” She kissed his cheek, “I guess as long as you like me that’s all I can ask, right?” He kissed the end of her nose, “you got it. Are you ready to go downstairs now?” She nodded “let’s go.”

An hour later, Frannie had to admit even it was only to herself, that Jon had been right. Tico was as nice as Jon had made him out to be. He even got a smile and a giggle out of Sophie. “Bella” Tico looked over at Frannie, “do I get to see your work now?” She stood, “of course.” She turned to Jon who was holding Sophie, “are you coming too?” He walked over to where they were standing, “lead the way baby.”

When they got to her makeshift studio Frannie flipped on the lights and let Tico roam the room. She and Jon stayed by the door, not talking, just watching. Tico walked the room, stopping and studying this drawing and that painting, not saying a word. When he got to the ones closest to Frannie and Jon he stopped. The one on top was the one of Jon from her old studio, the one she had named “Rock Star at Rest.” Tico looked up at Jon, “she even managed to make your ugly mug look good.” Then he looked over to Frannie, “you should be very proud of yourself bella, these are very, very good.” Frannie felt herself blush at his compliment. “Thanks, that means a lot coming from you.” They started to talk, totally ignoring Jon. Jon watched the two of them as they walked the room, talking about her use of color and the type of pencils and such. Jon decided to leave them be and took Sophie upstairs to Geena.

Jon came back to find them still deep in discussion, “are you two still at it?” They looked over at him and Frannie smiled at him and then looked back at Tico, “he’s pouting, I think he’s feeling a little left out.” Tico laughed and Jon bristled at her comment, “I am not pouting.” Frannie laughed and walked over to him, planting a kiss on his lips, “yes you are, but it’s so damn sexy.” Jon couldn’t help but smile at her, “come on you two, let’s go eat.”

After a wonderful meal Jon took them out to the pub. There was one more drawing that he wanted Tico to see and, at the same time, they could enjoy a game of pool and a drink or two. The sketch that Frannie had done of the whole band held a place of honor on the wall over the bar. She gasped when she saw where he had put it. He hadn’t told her what he had done with it. “You didn’t tell me you put it out here.” Jon moved up behind her, “now if I had told you it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise, now would it?” Frannie just shook her head, “you amaze me.” She turned her head and kissed him. Jon deepened what was supposed to have been just a chaste kiss, both of them getting lost in it.

Tico turned from drawing to find them locked at the lips and he chuckled to himself. He hadn’t seen Jon like this in a long time. He was different today. Happier, more relaxed, not as wound up as he used to be and Tico considered this to be a very good thing. As he was thinking all of this he noticed Jon’s hand roaming up Frannie’s side. Tico cleared his throat, “Mojitos anyone?”