Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chapter 37

Frannie and Jon walked hand in hand, their shoes dangling from their fingers, across the sand back toward their villa. The moon was high and bright, bathing them both in its silvery glow. Jon tugged Frannie to a stop, turning her to face him. He dropped his shoes and trailed his fingers lightly up her arm, tracing small circles on her shoulder. Frannie closed her eyes as he placed feather light kisses across her forehead and down her cheek before finally claiming her mouth in a soft lingering kiss.

As his mouth moved to her jaw and then down her neck she inhaled sharply but she wasn't going to give in this easily. "Is this the best you've got rock star? I'm still not telling." She felt him smile against her, "this is just the opening act babe. You ain't seen nothing yet" he paused, trailing his mouth to her ear, "Francesca."

She trembled at his use of her full name. The way it rolled off his tongue, the cadence of his voice as it rumbled from his throat, the heat of his breath at her ear and the slight nip of her earlobe were nearly her undoing. He felt her shiver and knew she was, little by little, giving in to him. He nibbled across her shoulder as his hands slid around her and up under the back of her top, caressing the soft skin he encountered there. When he felt the goose bumps break out across her skin he released her and picked up his shoes.

Frannie didn't want it to be this easy. He was driving her to the edge of insanity and she wanted to be able to hold out, but she knew she was in trouble when he used her full name. She was almost glad that he had let her go right then. She nearly had herself back in check when Jon took her hand again. There was something in that simple gesture that had her trembling again. Maybe it was the way his fingers barely touched her skin as they slid down her arm and across her palm before grasping her hand, she didn't know and was nearly beyond caring. All the light touches, the caress of her foot and calf during dinner, the light skimming of her forearm while they drank coffee, the circles on her shoulder, they all had her so aroused he could have taken her right there on the sand and it wouldn't have mattered.

When they stepped into their room they dropped their shoes and Jon turned to Frannie, "don't move." She stayed where she was and watched as Jon lit the candles he had scattered around earlier. He came back to where Frannie was standing and took her hands, leading her to the bed. He ran his fingers across her chest and up around her shoulders to her neck and into her hair. His voice was a whisper in the near dark. "So soft, your skin is so soft." She felt his lips moving against her hair as he spoke. "I want to see more, want to see you." He slid his hands across the bare expanse of her back to her top, finding the zipper at her side. As her top fell to her waist he cupped her breasts, thumbs caressing her nipples, coaxing the tips to their full hardness.

Frannie closed her eyes against the sensations that were coursing through her. He's too good at this she thought. I'm never going to be able to hold out against him. She gasped when she felt his hands move from her breasts. She felt him tug on her top, pulling it up from her waist and off of her. She opened her eyes and reached for him, only to have her hands stilled, "not yet baby, this is just for you now." She nearly whined, "but I want to touch you too." Jon just shook his head no and continued, searching out the tie of her skirt. He grappled with the knot, very nearly growling in frustration before it gave way and the skirt fell to the floor.

Jon laid Frannie back on the bed and just looked at her, taking in the vision before him. Her chestnut hair was spread out behind her; the candle light had her skin aglow. Her nipples were standing proud and, his eyes traveled over her, the scrap of white lace called to him. She was stunning. He peeled his shirt off and, starting at her feet, he tasted and touched every part of her. She was writhing beneath him as he nipped her through the white lace, moaned out his name on an oath as he drew a nipple into his hot mouth, sobbed out her frustration as he touched her everywhere but where she so desperately wanted and needed him. When he moved from her she reached out, grabbing his arm, “where are you going?” He pulled her hand from his, kissing her fingers, “shhh baby, just right here.” She watched as he stood and removed his pants, his cock straining with the need for release, with the need for her.

He moved back to the bed, his tongue leaving a wet trail up her thigh, encountering her need for him before he even got to his mark. He ran his tongue up and down, circling her clit, dipping into her briefly, circling again, teasing. He felt her hands tugging in his hair, “Jon!” He raised his head to look at her, “I’ll tell you anything you want to know, but…” she closed her eyes and her voice trailed off as he slipped a finger inside her, “I need you, I need you NOW!” With a final kiss to her inner thigh, he nipped his way up her trembling body, claiming her mouth briefly before holding himself over her. “Frannie, baby, look at me.” She opened her eyes and blurry amber met tumultuous blue as he drove into her.

Frannie arched up, her orgasm rushing through her like wildfire. Jon held on and as she shuddered he moved, driving her again, urging her higher. He pumped into her harder, faster, his own need for release taking over. He dipped his head, nipping her lip with his teeth, “come for me baby, come with me.” As his mouth trailed over her she could do nothing but what he had asked. “Jon” she cried out as they fell into oblivion together.

Sometime later, when they could both breath again, Jon moved so they could crawl under the covers. He dragged Frannie close, feeling her trembling still. “You okay baby?” She looked up at him, eyes heavy-lidded, “oh yeah.” He chuckled, “now, what was it you were going to tell me?”

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Sorry...

I have to apologize for the long delay in posting the next chapter. Real life has intruded and I just haven't had the time to sit here and write for you. I hope to have something in the next day or so.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chapter 36

Long after Jon had fallen asleep Frannie lay awake, thinking about this project she wanted to undertake and how she was going to accomplish it if Jon kept blocking her at every turn. She turned her head to look at him, he was so beautiful. She crept from the bed and found her camera, with the moonlight streaming in she had enough light and snapped a couple of pictures. Setting the camera aside she crawled back into the bed and snuggled in next to him. An idea was beginning to form; maybe there was another way to go about this particular project.

For the rest of their time in Turks & Caicos Jon and Frannie spent their days soaking up the sun on the beach, frolicking in the water, just being lazy and not having a care in the world. They took long walks on the beach, they played with Sophie, there were many stolen kisses in the moonlight. Throughout their days on the islands, Frannie took pictures, lots and lots of pictures, some Jon had been aware of and others where she caught him unaware and unsuspecting.

She had decided that instead of having Jon pose for her she would make this more of a collage-type drawing. If he was that uncomfortable posing for him, she would use the photographs and fashion her drawing from those. It wouldn’t be exactly what she had been after, but, hopefully, the essence of what she was trying to capture would come through.

As they dressed for their last dinner on the island Jon looked over at Frannie, “you’ve been quiet today baby, are you all right?” She nodded her head as she brushed her hair, “I’m okay, just a little sad that we’re leaving tomorrow.” Jon moved up behind her at the mirror, “I am too, I’ve enjoyed our week here baby.” He kissed her bare shoulder. She was wearing a strapless red top with her long filmy wrap skirt. “You're beautiful baby, but you’re missing something.” Frannie met his gaze in the mirror, “missing something, what could I be missing?”

He ran his fingers lightly down her throat and across the expanse of skin showing above her top. “You’re awfully bare here darlin’, I think you need a little decoration.” Frannie’s gaze followed him in the mirror as he went to his dresser and then came back to her. He had a small box in his hand and he presented it to her, “I hope you like it.” She took the box and opened it slowly, gasping at what was inside.

The russet of the coral and the blue of the turquoise swirled together in a circle of silver. She lifted it from its resting place and turned to Jon, “its lovely Jon, thank you.” He took the necklace from her and stood behind her, “lift your hair baby.” She did as she was bid and he clasped the necklace for her. The pendant nestled just above the line of her breasts. She fingered it lightly before turning to face him, “I love you.” He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her gently, “I love you too baby. Now let’s go eat.” She smiled and took his hand as they headed out and down the beach.

They dined at Lotus, the second of the two restaurants on the resort and Frannie stayed away from seafood this night. She didn’t relish the idea of spending her last night in paradise on her knees praying to the porcelain god. She’d much rather spend it on her knees in praying to a different God all together. She looked across the table at Jon and smirked at the thought.

Jon was watching her, wondering what she was thinking. She had been distant, quiet since their disagreement a few nights earlier. He hoped he hadn’t driven a permanent wedge between them with his “conditions.” “What’s going on in that pretty head of yours?” She lifted her eyes to meet his, “just thinking.” He nodded his head, "thinking about what?" She smirked again, "praying." He raised an eyebrow, “praying?” She nodded her head as she slid her foot up his leg, “yeah, on my knees.”

Jon’s eyes widened as what she was talking about had finally sunk in and as her foot found its mark. He rested his hand on her foot as it moved back and forth slightly, “Jesus baby, you keep that up and I’m not going to be able to walk out of here.” She stopped moving her foot but left it in his lap, “better?” Not really. He shifted slightly, “it’ll do.”

They sipped their wine and waited for their food to come and Jon decided to broach the subject they had both been avoiding. “You’ve been pretty quiet since the other night. Are you sure you’re all right with what we decided.” Frannie took a sip of her wine and wiggled her toes making Jon squirm. “Actually Jon, I’m not all right with it, but I’ve come up with another idea all together.” Jon almost hated to ask, “what’s this new idea?” She shook her head, swinging her hair slightly, “oh no, I’m not telling you just yet. You’re going to have to wait until we get home.” Jon pouted, “what if I don’t want to wait that long?”

Frannie wiggled her toes against the hard length of him again, “you really don’t have a choice because I’m not going to tell you.” He trailed his fingers lightly over her foot, gently caressing the arch and sliding up her calf, “I bet I can make you tell me.” She eyed him over the top of her wineglass, the determination in his eyes making her smile, “give it your best shot babe.”

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chapter 35

“You’re awfully quiet.” They were tangled together, Jon was stroking Frannie’s arm and she had her head on his chest. “You’re thinking about it already, aren’t you?” She kissed his chest before rising up on her arm to look at him, “is that a problem?” He tucked her hair behind her ear, “I guess not, but I just have one, well, maybe more than one condition.” She eyed him warily, “why do I have a feeling I’m not going to like these conditions?” His lip twitched, “I have a feeling you’ll probably hate them.”

She shook her head, “does everything have to have conditions?” She threw back the covers and got out of bed, slightly irritated. Jon watched as she grabbed her dress off the floor, yank it on and head for the door. “Where’re you going?” She turned to him, “to get something to eat. I’m feeling a little hungry now.” She turned and left the room.

Jon pulled on his shorts and went after her, finding her in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of juice. “Pour me some?” She hesitated for half a second before getting out a second glass. She slid it to him and turned her attention to the refrigerator, deciding eggs were probably a safe bet for her stomach. She pulled a few things out and turned back to him, “are you hungry, should I make enough for two?” He nodded his head and shrugged his shoulders, “I could eat.”

He watched her, knew she wasn’t happy with him at the moment but he needed her to understand that because of who he was he needed to be cautious about venturing into something like this. “Frannie” he moved to stand next to her, “you didn’t even hear my conditions yet, how can you be upset already?” She sighed, “I just don’t understand why this has to be so complicated. All I want to do is draw you.” She cracked several eggs into the bowl and was reaching for the whisk when Jon stilled her hands, “you want to draw me naked.” She turned her head slightly to look at him, “I know and you said yes.” He turned her to face him, “I know what I said, but you’ve got to understand that because of who I am we have to be careful.”

Frannie sighed and turned back to the eggs, “I know. I’m sorry. I just forget sometimes ‘who’ you are. What are your conditions?”

Jon just smiled; he loved that she could ‘forget’ his other self so easily. He hadn’t known many that could, but she had no problem with it. He sat on the stool, “first, my kids can’t see it.” He watched her, waited for her to say something and when she didn’t he continued. “Second, it has to be tasteful.” He caught her frown, “what?” She poured the eggs over the potatoes and mushrooms that were already in the skillet, turned and pointed her spatula at him, “you think I would do anything other than tasteful? What kind of artist do you take me for?” He smiled, “all right, I’ll concede on that one. Other than Tico, you’re the best I’ve seen.” She stirred the eggs and choked back a laugh, “I think your nose grew on that one.” “Hey!” He tried to look insulted as he felt his nose, “it did not…, well maybe just a little, but I do think you’re fantastic.” Frannie rolled her eyes, “any other conditions sir?”

He watched her stir the eggs, she wasn’t going to like this last one at all. “You can’t show it, sell it or auction it off. You have to keep it.” Frannie shut the burner off and turned to him, “then what’s the point of me even doing this?” She dished up eggs for him and slid the plate across the counter, “here, enjoy.” He looked at her, “what about you?” She headed for the sliding door, “I suddenly don’t have an appetite any more. I’m going for a walk.”

How could he ask that of me? She didn’t understand. Maybe she should just forget about it. Was he the wrong person to ask this of? A question came to mind and she wondered if the answer would change his mind. She sighed and turned to head back, not surprised to find Jon watching from their villa. She walked back toward him and let him gather her in his arms when she got close. “You walked away from me.” She nodded her head, “I know; I needed to think. I have a question for you though.” He pushed her hair out of her face, tracing circles on her shoulder with his finger and thumb, “ask away.”

She took a breath, “What if you were told you can write your songs, record them but can’t share them, that no one would ever hear them but you. How would that make you feel?” He opened him mouth to say something and then closed it again, he hadn’t thought of it that way. Letting what she had just asked sink in, he understood now what he had asked of her and why it was bothering her. It would have pissed him off if someone had asked him that. What was the point of going through all the work if you couldn’t share the end product?

He sighed and rested his forehead against hers, “I’m sorry. That was as shitty thing to ask of you.” He kissed her lightly, “how about you do the drawing and we’ll decide at the end if it’s something we want to share?” She looked up at him; his eyes were sincere, “okay, I think I can live with that.” She kissed him, “what do you say we go back inside now and not talk about this again until we get back home?” Jon nodded his head, “okay” and he took her hand and they went back inside.