Friday, January 25, 2008

Chapter 23

Frannie was bristling with need as they left the elevator and headed back to their room. Jon hadn’t said anything more than “it’s later” and she was wet with anticipation. She watched as Jon put the do not disturb on the outside of the door and then the click of the lock had her trembling, and not in fear.

Ever since their interlude here before they went to the arena and then when she had helped him out in his box she had been more aware of her need for him. Every time he had touched her, every time he had even been close to her, she felt her body react to him. She was about ready to explode.

Jon walked toward her, like a hunter stalking his prey, and he could see her eyes dilate. He had known exactly what he had been doing earlier with all those seemingly innocent touches. She was so wound up it wouldn’t take much to send her over the edge, and he was going to make sure she enjoyed every second of it.

Coming up in front of her Jon could see Frannie visibly trembling. He ran his hands up her arms, “are you cold baby?” She shook her head and a shaky “no” escaped her lips. His hands slid around behind her and dragged the holder out of her ponytail and he ran his fingers through her hair. “Then why are you trembling?” He knew full well why she was but he wanted to hear her say it. Frannie licked her lips and kissed him lightly, leaving a trail across his cheek. He felt her breath at his ear, “because I want you so bad I can taste it.” He groaned as her mouth found his in a hot demanding kiss.

Their kisses grew in intensity and Jon urged Frannie closer to the bed. He slipped his hand up under her shirts, sliding them up and off. Her jeans went next, pooling around her ankles. He helped her step free of them and then pulled her close, stroking her cheeks, bared by the thong as he dipped to kiss her again. “God baby, you should wear a thong all the time” he told her as he caressed her ass and trailed kisses across her shoulder, grabbing the bra strap with his teeth and moving it off her shoulder. “If this is what it gets me, I’ll wear one every day from now on” she breathed as she traced the shell of his ear with her tongue.

Keeping his hold on her Jon backed up to the bed and sat down, his face even with her chest. He reached behind Frannie to release the catch of her bra, baring her breasts to him. She closed her eyes as she felt his mouth on her skin, his tongue laving a trail from one hardened nipple to the other, pausing to suckle lightly on each. Frannie’s head lolled back as she felt his mouth nip and kiss down across her stomach, his tongue dipping into her navel, pausing at the waistband of her thong, inhaling her sweet scent.

Jon stood, stroking her through her panties briefly before sliding his hand around to her ass again. He pulled her against him as he called out to her, “Frannie.” She felt him grind his hips against her as she opened her eyes. Her pupils were so dilated that her eyes looked almost black. Jon wasn’t sure she could even see him. Frannie gazed at him through the haze of arousal and found his mouth, kissing him with abandon.

As their mouths battled, Jon felt Frannie’s hands move down his body, she stroked him through his jeans before releasing the button. He helped her get the tight denim over his hips and they fell to the floor. Jon eased her back on the bed grinning as she reached out her hands to him. He crawled up next to her and lightly ran his fingers up the inside of her thigh.

His name was a sob off her lips as his fingers continued their sweet torture. Her hips undulated against his fingers, wanting, needing a firmer touch. He kept his strokes agonizingly slow and frustratingly light. Frannie reached for him, but he stopped her knowing all it would take was a touch and it would be all over.

Finally he slid her thong down her legs, kissing his way back up, stroking her with his tongue. Frannie’s hips bucked up off the bed when she felt his mouth on her, “Jon, please!” He moved up over her and with one thrust was home. She was so ready her orgasm crashed over her. Jon drove into her over and over, driving her up again and again until he could hold back no longer as he took her over the edge a final time.

Long moments passed with the only sound in the room being their labored breathing. Jon was acutely aware of someone lightly stroking his back. He picked his head up from Frannie’s shoulder and looked down at her, “you okay baby?” A small smile was on her lips, “can it always be later?” Jon laughed and shifted off of her, moving them both to the top of the bed and under the blankets.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Chapter 22

While Jon had his meetings, Frannie wandered the empty arena, taking a seat in the stands and looked out over the field. The workers were getting everything ready for the game. The inflatable helmet that the team ran through was laying in wait and the players would be out soon to start warming up. Frannie took out her sketch book and captured these quiet moments, before the people started filling the stands, before the players took to the field, before the craziness began. She was oblivious to the man standing a few rows behind her, watching her.

Jon had come looking for Frannie and when he came upon her just stood back and watched, not wanting to disturb her. As he watched her hand skim across the paper his skin started to tingle as he recalled how her hands felt on him. He moved closer, wanting to be nearer to her but also trying to see what she was working on and it always amazed him how she brought the images around her to life with just a few strokes of her pencil. He let out a short chuckle, Tico is gonna be impressed he thought. As he watched he thought ahead to her upcoming show at the Alliance and then to their trip. He smiled at the thought. He was looking forward to giving his undivided attention to her.

As Frannie finished her sketch she could feel someone’s eyes on her. Hesitantly she turned and let out the breath she had been holding when she saw it was Jon. She smiled and he walked toward her, “hey baby, what are you doing out here?” She showed him the sketch, “what do you think?” He nodded his head as he looked at it, “what are the chances of me getting this one for the office here?” Frannie put her initials at the bottom right corner, “why don’t you wait and see what I have by the end of the night and maybe we could put a collage together or something?” She moved closer to Jon as they talked and his scent, spicy, male and oh so Jon wrapped around her, distracting her, arousing her. She saw Jon’s lips move but she hadn’t heard a word he had said. “What?” He grinned at her, she was as wound up as he was, “come on, let’s go.” He reached across her for her bag, brushing her breasts with his arm and she gasped. Jon didn’t say anything, just took her hand and led her out and up to his box.

The door to his box clicked shut behind them and, in the dimness of the stairwell Jon pulled Frannie close, capturing her mouth in a heated kiss. He didn’t know what it was about her today, but he couldn’t seem to get enough. Frannie returned the kiss with equal fervor, hungry for him like she hadn’t ever been before. They stumbled up the few steps and broke apart as they entered the suite. “Frannie” he breathed out, “wait.” She set her things down and took several deep breaths, trying to keep herself in control. Turning back she saw Jon trying to do the same. He looked down at the front of himself, “fuck” he mumbled. Frannie moved closer to him, “what?” He stepped away from her, “you just stay there. I have to go sign autographs and right now, I am in no shape to do that.” She looked down and then back up at him, “how much time do we have?” His eyes widened, “not that much.” She looked around, with the lights off she could see out into the arena and while there were a few people starting to mill about, it was still fairly quiet out there. She turned them so he was against the wall, out of sight of the windows and reached for his belt.

Jon rested his head against the wall and waited. He felt her breath on him and tensed, he knew it was coming, but the anticipation was killing him. He groaned as he felt her mouth surround him and her throat take him deep. His hands moved against the wall, looking for something, anything to hold on to as she gently sucked and licked his swollen tip and then took him deep again. “Oh God baby” he groaned. Frannie felt him tense and as she sucked harder he exploded in her throat. She swallowed all he gave her and, after a final kiss, rose to find him with his head still against the wall, his eyes closed, “think you can make your rounds now?”

He opened his eyes to find her grinning at him. He gave her a lopsided smile as he readjusted himself, “I’m not sure I even know my own name right now. I think I need another minute or two.” He pulled her close and kissed her, trailing his hand down between them and stroking the center seam on her jeans, feeling the heat of her. She whimpered as he pulled his mouth from her, “no fair, you have to go.” Jon just smiled as he moved away from her, “just wait til later.”

Frannie watched from the box as Jon moved around the arena, his good mood was obvious and he had a smile for everyone. She picked up her sketch book as she watched. She drew him as he signed his name on whatever was put in front of him and posed for every picture. He glanced up and saw her with her book and he smiled. She watched a while longer, smiling to herself as she watched Jon walk off the field, she had put him in that mood. He came back to the suite and together they got ready to watch the game.

Frannie was surprised to find that they were alone in his box that night. He had had food brought in for them and there were drinks in the fridge, but she was more interested in what was going on down on the field. It was an exciting game and she had a hard time containing herself. The game came down to one last play for the Soul, it was 3rd and long and there were no time outs left. Frannie and Jon were watching intently and as Tony Graziani threw the ball they held their breaths. Chris Jackson was downfield and made a beautiful one-handed catch and ran it in for the final score of the game. The arena went wild and Frannie and Jon were ecstatic, she was screaming and smiling and Jon couldn’t wipe the grin off his face.

Jon and Frannie waited for the arena to clear out before leaving themselves and they headed over to Chickie and Pete’s. They back room was reserved for the team and they were in high spirits as they all filed into the room. Jon introduced Frannie to Tony and she complemented him on the last play of the game. “That pass was amazing and the catch that Chris made was a thing of beauty.” Tony took a swig of his beer, “thanks. I’m just glad it worked out.” The three of them stood and chatted a while. “Oh” Frannie started before Tony could walk away, “would you sign my jersey for me?” He took the sharpie from her “sure” and motion for her to turn around. He handed the marker back to her when he was done. “It was nice to meet you Frannie.” She shook his hand and he headed off to get another beer.

Jon watched Tony walk away and he came up behind Frannie, sliding his arm around her waist and nuzzling in by her ear, “have you had enough, are you ready to go?” She turned her head and caught his eye, seeing the desire there, “I’m ready if you are.” He took his arm from around her and took her hand, lacing their fingers together. They said their good-byes and headed out to the car that was waiting for them.

At the hotel, they by-passed the crowd in the lobby and headed straight to the elevators. As the door closed behind them Jon looked over at Frannie, “it’s later.”

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chapter 21

Jon set his overnight bag down by the front door. As he was rifling through his papers for the meeting he called up the stairs, “Frannie, I’ve got to go.” He was putting everything in his laptop carrier when he heard her, “I’m coming.” He turned and smiled when he saw her with her overnight bag and messenger bag slung over her shoulder.

“You’re sure?” She nodded her head, “yes.” He and Frannie had gone over her leaving Sophie overnight several times and she hadn’t made a decision before falling asleep. Jon hadn’t seen her for most of the morning either and he was sure he would be making the trip alone.

When Frannie reached the bottom he took her bag and laid a kiss on her lips. “I’m glad you decided to come with me.” He looked her up and down, “you look cute in that jersey too.” She was wearing dark jeans, a long-sleeved black t-shirt and her #7 Graziani jersey over the top. She kissed him back and teased, “if you think this is cute, you should see what’s under it.” She turned to get her jacket and Jon pressed in right behind her, there was no mistaking his arousal as he moved his hips against her. He moved her hair to bare her neck and kissed up to her ear, “you did that on purpose.” She turned her head and caught his mouth, “I have no idea what you are talking about.” He saw the heat flare in her eyes, “liar. Let’s go before I throw you down right here in the foyer and have my wicked way with you.”

She pressed up against him and kissed him once more before grabbing her jacket, “do you think Tony will sign my jersey for me?” Jon laughed at the abrupt change of subject, “I’m sure he would be more than happy to. Now, are you ready?” Frannie looked back up the stairs, she had spent the morning with Sophie and Geena had assured her time and again that they would be fine. She looked over at Jon, “get me out of here before I change my mind.”

The ride to Philly was uneventful and Jon tried to keep Frannie’s mind off of Sophie. He laid his hand on her thigh and gave a gentle squeeze, “she’ll be fine babe, don’t worry.” Frannie sighed and laced her fingers with his on her leg, “I know, but it doesn’t make me miss her any less.” Jon slid his hand higher on her leg, “I might be able to help you out there.” She looked over at him, the lust in his eyes matched the fire burning in hers, “you just keep your eyes on the road and” she slid their hands down her leg, “your hand right there Mister.” Jon glanced at her face, seeing that her eyes belied her tone, “how about if I put my hand here?” He moved their hands to his lap, making sure hers was against his rapidly growing erection. She moved her hand on him and he stepped on the accelerator.

They arrived at the hotel faster than Jon could ever remember making the trip. Frannie’s hand hadn’t left his lap and he wasn’t sure he was going to be able to walk into the hotel.

As soon as Jon put the car in park, Frannie was out and waiting for him to pop the trunk. Jon was chuckling as he pulled his coat around himself, thanking whatever god made him decide on the longer one today. They walked to the reservation desk and it was as if the clerk had been expecting them. She smiled at them, handed him his key and they headed straight to the elevators. “Jon, that was the fastest check in I’ve ever experienced.” He punched the button for their floor and dragged her to him as the door closed, “they always have a room available for me. Now shut up and kiss me.” As he lowered his head she raised hers and their mouths met in a fiery kiss.

When the door opened on their floor they broke apart, grabbed their things and nearly ran toward his room. Jon got the door open and ushered Frannie in ahead of him. She no sooner set her bags down then Jon was right behind her, pressing himself against her. He moved her hair and his mouth was on her neck as his arms slid around her and his hands worked their way under her shirt. His hand slid from the soft skin at her waist to the button on her jeans. Every pass of his mouth on her neck had Frannie growing even wetter. Jon slid her jeans down and she kicked them off as he opened his own. The teasing in the car had left him so hard it almost hurt. He leaned Frannie over the table and was in her with one quick hard thrust. He drove into her over and over, driving her to the edge and over. She cried out as her climax crashed over her and, as she tightened around him, he let go and followed her down.

Jon rested his forehead on her shoulder as he fought for breath. He could hear Frannie’s labored breathing as she rested on the table top. He heard her whimper as he slid from her. He helped her stand and held her against him, “are you all right, I didn’t hurt you did I?” She kissed his chest before looking up at him and he was surprised to find a tear on her cheek. “Baby?” He was concerned. She brought a hand up and caressed his face, “I’ve never been wanted like that before. It was amazing.” His concern changed to a chuckle and he kissed her forehead. “Then obviously the men you were with were all wrong for you.” He kissed her again and released her, dragging up his jeans that had only made it to the tops of his knees. “We’ve got to go baby. I’m going to be late.”

He headed to the bathroom and Frannie grabbed a few tissues to clean up a bit. She had just pulled on her panties when Jon came back in the room and groaned. “A thong, that’s what you were wearing under there?” Frannie turned jeans in hand and nodded, “yea.” He closed the space between them, “what does it say?” She smiled, and let him get right in front of her as he finally made out “Got Soul?” across the front of it. “Nice. It’s even the right color combination.” Frannie pulled her jeans on, “so’s my bra.”

His eyes widened and he reached for her shirt. He hadn’t noticed that because he hadn’t taken the time to get her shirt off of her. He lifted the front of her shirt and glanced at her, “great, I’m gonna have a hard on for the rest of the day now. Thanks a lot.” Frannie smirked, “that’s your own fault. You didn’t have to look you know.” He dropped her shirt and planted a kiss in her lips, “just wait til later babe.” He let her straighten herself out and watched as she pulled her hair back into a low ponytail. “Ready?” Frannie pulled her shoes on, grabbed her bag and her jacket and tucked her arm into his, “all set.” Together they headed over to the arena

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chapter 20

Jon turned and paced, how could he say this without sounding like a total ass? He stopped and faced Frannie, still not saying anything. For a man who made his living off his words, he just couldn’t seem to find the right ones now.

After several long quiet minutes, Frannie turned and left the room. Jon sighed and sat down, his head in his hands. This had not gone well at all. When he heard the click of the back door he got off the couch and followed her.

Frannie grabbed her jacket and went out the back door, needing some air and needing to put some space between her and Jon. It wasn't that she was mad at Jon; she was disappointed that he couldn’t tell her how he felt. She wandered the grounds, ending up sitting on the kids’ swings. This is where Jon found her.

“Hey.” Frannie looked up to find Jon standing in front of her. “You walked away from me.” Frannie nodded, “I needed some air.” Jon sat down on the swing next to her. “I messed up back there. I just don’t know how to say what I’m feeling.” Frannie stared out across the expanse of lawn, “how about just saying it straight out?” Jon chuckled, “you think you’re so smart, don’t you?” She shrugged her shoulders, “nah, I just think its best not to beat around the bush.”

He took her advice and just spit out what, in his convoluted round about way he had been trying to say. “I want you in my life Frannie. I care about you and I would like to see where this relationship is going to go.” He got up off the swing and stood in front of her again. Taking her hand he tugged her up to her feet. He tucked her hair behind her ear slid his hands along her jaw, holding her face, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I want you to know that I want you here, in my home and in my life; you and Sophie.”

Frannie felt tears form in her eyes as he spoke. She reached up and grasped his wrists, turning to kiss each palm before she spoke. “I care about you too Jon and I also would like to see where the fates will take us. So, I guess, as long as you’re sure about it, you’re stuck with Sophie and me.” Jon slid his hands from her face to her waist and pulled Frannie into a hug, “God, you don’t know how glad I am to hear you say that. When you walked out I thought I had blown it.” She hugged him back, “I didn’t mean to make you feel like that Jon. I just needed some space to gather my own thoughts. I was hoping this was what you were trying to say and I wanted to be sure myself.”

Feeling a sense of relief Jon reached down and took her hand, “come on, let’s go back inside.” As they walked toward the house a thought came to Jon, “Frannie, would you come to Philly with me tomorrow?” She shrugged, “sure I guess. What’s going on in Philly tomorrow?” Jon opened the door for her, “there is a game tomorrow night and I have a couple things to take care of before hand.”

He paused for a moment as the door clicked shut behind them, “you know, why don’t we just stay the night? The game won’t end til after 9 and then we usually go to Chickie & Pete’s afterward.” Frannie hung her jacket up and turned to Jon, uneasiness showing on her face, “I don’t know about spending the night Jon.” She hadn’t ever left Sophie overnight and just at the mention of it had her feeling a bit of separation anxiety. He scanned her face, “what’s the matter?” They headed toward the kitchen as they talked, “I’ve never left Sophie overnight before Jon.” He nodded his head in understanding. Dorothea had been the same way the first time leaving any of their kids. “I know it’s a tough thing, but you’re going to have to do it at some point. Just think about it.”

Frannie left Jon in the kitchen and went in search of Geena. She found the young woman upstairs in the nursery changing Sophie. “How has my baby girl been today?” Geena smiled at her employer “she’s been a delight Frannie.” She walked over and picked Sophie up off the changing table, “hey baby girl.” Sophie smiled and gurgled at her mother. “Geena?” She dropped the dirty diaper into the pail and turned to Frannie, “yes?” Frannie sighed and sat down in the rocking chair, bouncing the baby on her lap, “Mr. Bon Jovi wants to take me to Philadelphia tomorrow and spend the night, would you be able to stay with Sophie?” Geena smiled brightly, “taking care of that little bundle of joy is my job Frannie. It’s no problem at all.”

“Thank you Geena.” Frannie smiled at the young woman. She then looked down at Sophie, “what do you say we go see what Jon is up to?”

They found Jon getting shooed out of the kitchen by Lani. “Okay, okay, I’m going. Sheesh.” Frannie heard his laughter as she came around the corner. “What are you doing to that poor woman Jon?” He smiled at the sight of two of his favorite girls coming his way, “I was only trying to see what was for dinner and” he was rubbing the back of his hand as he reached for the baby “she smacked me with her spoon.” Frannie laughed as she handed Sophie over. “You were trying to sneak a taste and got caught is what you did. Serves you right.” Jon walked toward the den looking down at Sophie, “are you on my side at least?”

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Chapter 19

In between making phone calls and answering e-mails, Jon wondered what Frannie had thought of his suggestion. He hadn’t been totally sure he should have made that proposal at this point in their …, what relationship? Could they even call it that? He didn’t know, but he liked being with Frannie, liked watching her come out of her shell a little more each day. True, he was only just divorced, but he had been living alone for the better part of a year and he didn’t particularly care for it. Walking into a silent empty house after a long day or after being away held no appeal for him whatsoever. He liked his “me” time, but he didn’t like being alone. He needed the interaction, having someone other than the guys to bounce ideas off of, to talk through a rough day with, just to lean on when the load he carried became too heavy for one person.

Frannie had been there when he needed her the other day and hadn’t offered any advice; she had just been a shoulder for him to lean on and a sounding board for his ramblings. She held him, had comforted him and that had been what he had needed right then, something Dorothea hadn’t ever done.

The realization of that last thought hit Jon hard. It was true though. Dot had always been there, but she was never quiet about it. She always tried to tell him what she thought he should do or give him advice as to what she considered to be the best thing for him. Thinking back on it now, it annoyed the hell out of him. He couldn’t remember a time when she had just been there for him like Frannie had been, honestly, he didn’t think there ever was a time.

With a sigh he pulled his thoughts from Frannie and went back to answering his e-mails. It was going to be a long afternoon.


While Jon was hiding in his office Frannie tried to get her things organized. She still couldn’t believe he had done this for her. The light in the room was good for most of the day so she could work until the early evening if the need ever arose.

Sitting on the chaise that was up against the wall Frannie considered what Jon had asked her earlier. “Stay with me permanently.” She shook her head at the absurdity of the statement. How could he ask her something like that? They hadn’t known each other all that long and, granted, she was for all intents and purposes living with him now, but the circumstances were entirely different. She didn’t have anyplace to go other than her own home and she just couldn’t make herself go back there to live.

Frannie got up and paced the room. Thoughts of Jon filled her head and she tried to make sense of everything. He had been so good to her and for her. He had helped her through a horrible ordeal and had even endangered his own life for her, something she didn’t think she could every repay. But she thought, why does he want me here? He hadn’t said anything about why he wanted her there all he had said was stay with me permanently. She just didn’t know what to do.

Could it be that he loved her? And if that is the case, did she love him? Frannie shook her head as she stopped her pacing and looked out the window. Did she love him? She liked being with him, liked talking with him. He had all the qualities she had ever looked for in a man. He was sensitive, caring, fiercely loyal, charming, a tremendous lover, all around he was a decent, good looking guy. He was famous and rich as well, but Frannie didn’t care about that. He could have been a flat broke nobody and it wouldn’t have mattered. He had treated her with nothing but the utmost respect and that went a long way with her. She smiled as she gazed out the window, he loved her daughter.

This was how Jon found her when he left his office. He walked into the solarium and Frannie was so lost in thought he knew she hadn’t heard him so he just studied her for a moment. Her arms were crossed over her chest and her hair tumbled down her back in dark silky waves. His heart beat a little quicker as he watched her and he couldn’t stop the smile that was forming on his lips.

“Penny for your thoughts.” She didn’t jump when he spoke; she had seen him in the window when he came into the room. Without turning around she answered him quietly, “oh, they’re worth more than a penny today.” His smile faded slightly at her tone and he crossed the room to her. “Really, anything you care to share?” She turned to him then, “that little zinger you left me with earlier Jon. Did you mean it?”

Jon took her hand and led her to the sofa, “I wouldn’t have asked you if I hadn’t meant it Frannie. I never say or do anything I don’t mean.” She nodded her understanding. She had figured as much. “We haven’t known each other that long, you realize that right?” Jon looked at her, trying to read where she was going with this, but he couldn’t. “I know it hasn’t been that long Frannie, but …” he trailed off. How could he make her understand what he didn’t fully understand himself? She lifted his chin with her fingers so he was looking at her, “but what?”

He sighed and stood, dropping his head back and looking at the ceiling, as if the answers might be there for him to read. “But I enjoy having you here Frannie. I like knowing that when I go out you’ll be here when I get back, that I’m not going to walk into an empty quiet house.” She waited for him to say more and when he didn’t she interjected. “I enjoy being here too, but a dog could give you the same kind of enjoyment as you are describing.” Jon’s shoulders slumped and he dropped his head forward, staring at the floor. She didn’t get it. When he looked up again she was looking at him, “that’s not what I was getting at.”

Frannie stood and faced him, “what exactly are you getting at Jon?”