Monday, March 31, 2008

Chapter 30

“Frannie.” Jon tried to rouse her. They had been lying on the beach since they came back from lunch and he was worried that she was getting a bit too much color. “Baby” he tried again. A groggy “hmmm” was all he got. She wasn’t really sleeping, but the sun and the sound of the surf had lulled her into near total relaxation. She was floating in that grey area between sleep and wakefulness.

He stroked her hip, “you need to roll over before you burn.” She nodded her head, “hmm mmm” but she didn’t move. Jon shifted up on his elbow so he could look at her, she had a small smile on her face and her eyes were closed. He kissed the smile from her lips and finally her eyes fluttered open as she felt his tongue tracing her lips. Amber eyes gazed up at eyes as blue as the water that was crashing on the shore, “did you say something to me?” He chuckled as he lightly ran his fingers up and down her thigh, “I said you needed to roll over before you burned.”

Gazing down on her he could see that she was totally relaxed. The lines that had creased her forehead when had first seen her several weeks ago had eased to the point of almost nonexistence. The shadows that had haunted her eyes were gone and she smiled more easily these days. He was glad to see all the changes in her, loved seeing the woman he knew she was meant to be. She was more confident these days and he loved the humor and personality that he was seeing more and more of everyday.

Frannie watched him as he watched her, seeing something in his eyes, “what’s going on in there?” She stroked his cheek and tapped his temple lightly. He grasped her hand and kissed her fingers, “just thinking about all the changes I’m seeing in you and about how glad I am that I have been here to see them. You are an amazing woman Francesca Daniels.” She averted her eyes and tried not to look at him, feeling the flush of embarrassment at his words and arousal at his use of her full name.

“Hey” he tilted her face to look at him, “don’t look away. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You are amazing Frannie.” This time she didn’t look away, she held his gaze, “thank you.” He leaned in and kissed her gently, “you don’t have to thank me baby.” She stroked his face again and kissed him back “yes I do. You were there for me when I was at one of my lowest points and you helped me get back to where I am now. I have a lot to thank you for.” She slid her hand across his cheek up into his hair and drew him down to her, kissing him lightly, letting the tip of her tongue snake out to tease his lips.

At the touch of her tongue Jon opened his mouth and let his tongue tease hers, deepening the kiss and tasting each other fully. He could feel his arousal growing and he knew he should try to keep himself under control but damn she drove him crazy. He eased his way out of the kiss, breathing uneven. “God baby, what you do to me.” Her breath was coming in pants, “I think we do it to each other.”

Frannie rolled over, catching Jon unaware and he ended up flat on his back looking up at her. “What are you doing?” He wanted to see just how far she was willing to take this. Frannie dipped her head and trailed a line of kisses across his jaw and down his neck. He tasted a little salty from his sweat, a little bit like coconut from the sunscreen and all Jon. It was a heady combination. She trailed her tongue down his neck, stopping to nibble lightly at his adam’s apple.

Jon stroked her back, his hand seeking out the tie of her top at the back of her neck. She stopped and looked up at him, the question clear on her face. He didn’t want her to be uncomfortable, “Baby?” She looked around up and down the beach, seeing no one she nodded her assent. He untied her top, kissing across one breast, taking the rosy nipple in his mouth and sucking gently.

Frannie moaned as he continued, and let her hand wander across his chest, teasing his nipples with her fingers before sliding her hand down across his hard abs and toying with the tie on his shorts. He felt the tug and waited, anticipating feeling her hand on him. She slid her hand up and down his length over his shorts before slipping her hand inside, marveling at the velvety soft hardness as she stroked him.

He groaned at the feel of her hand on him and in one swift move, he had her hand out of his shorts and her flat on her back. His mouth found hers in a brutal demanding kiss as his hand found its way inside her bikini bottom, finding her more than ready for him. He moved over her, slipping his shorts down just far enough before sliding her bottoms to one side and sliding home in one thrush. “Oh God Baby” he stilled for a minute, trying to catch his breath.

Frannie didn’t want to wait. She moved her hips under him, urging him to move. “Baby, wait, I need to… ah fuck,” he thrust hard into her, unable to hold himself back. He came, groaning against her. He slid from her and rolled onto his back, tucking himself into his shorts. He looked over at her, “I’m sorry baby. I’ll make it up to you.” She ran her hand up and down his chest, “I’ve no doubt you will.” He reached and retied her top for her, kissing her gently, “you can count on that baby.” Jon stood, holding out his hand, “come on, let’s see what Geena and Sophie are up to before we go to dinner.”

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chapter 29

Jon woke with a warm breeze blowing over him and the sound of laughter greeting his ears. He reached across the bed only to find an empty spot where Frannie should be. He sat up, running a hand through his hair and then across his face. He heard Frannie’s voice and listened as she babbled to Sophie. He got up and crossed to the sliding door that led to the deck and pool. His heart did a slow roll in his chest as he watched mother and daughter enjoying the morning sunshine.

Frannie looked happy and carefree in her shorts and strappy tank top with her hair pulled high in a ponytail. He couldn’t help the smile. He slipped away from the door, grabbed his camera and snapped several pictures. He wanted to capture the moment for her, for him.

Setting the camera aside, he headed for the bathroom. When he stepped outside Frannie looked up, “well good morning sleepyhead.” He laughed, “I’m on vacation; I’m allowed to sleep in.” She stood with Sophie squirming in her arms, “I didn’t think you were the type to sleep half a day away though.” He took the baby from her, “normally you’d be right, but you wore me out last night.” He kissed Sophie’s head as Frannie walked over to the table they had occupied the night before.

The dinner mess had been cleared away and the table now boasted a platter of fresh fruit, a plate of bagels and muffins, a pot of coffee and juice. “This looks great. How long have you been up anyway?” He poured a cup of coffee, took a sip and grimaced, “its cold.” Frannie poured herself a cup, took them both and stood, “I’ve been up for a while. I heard Sophie so I decided to bring her out here and enjoy the morning. I’ll just go warm these in the microwave.” He watched as she walked away, whispering to the baby “you’re lucky to have her for a mom.”

They spent the rest of the morning entertaining Sophie and Frannie was able to do a little sketching. Geena took over and Jon and Frannie went exploring a little. They walked to the resort hotel and poked around some of the shops. Frannie found a necklace that she thought would be just right for Jon. It was a small sand dollar on a dark brown leather cord. She looked around and found him on the other side of the shop looking at something so she quickly paid and tucked the small bag in her purse. As Frannie crossed to the other side of the store she noted that Jon had a bag in his hand. She wondered how he had bought something without her seeing it. “Whatchya got there?” She pointed to the bag. He smiled at her, “I’ll never tell.” She rolled her eyes and smiled, “tease.” Jon laughed and took her hand, “come on, let’s get some lunch.”

Jon and Frannie took a table the outdoor patio at the cafĂ© of the resort. There weren’t many patrons and Jon looked relieved. He had his sunglasses but had forgotten his hat when they left the villa and he never knew where he might get bombarded by fans and/or the paparazzi.

“Are you all right?” Frannie noticed Jon looking around and then his slump of relief back in his chair. “I’m fine. Just making sure we weren’t going to be bothered.” Frannie nodded “gotchya.” She looked at him again, noticing the sunglasses but no hat, “where’s your hat?” He frowned, “I forgot it. You just now noticed?” She shrugged, “sorry, I actually forgot you might need one.” He smiled broadly at her, “that might just be the nicest thing you have ever said to me baby.” Frannie laughed, “you’re easy.” Jon started to say something but the waiter came with their meals and it was forgotten.

After lunch, as they walked back to the villa, Jon took Frannie’s hand, “what do you say we try windsurfing tomorrow or maybe sailing on a catamaran?” They stopped and Frannie turned to him, “either sounds fun, but you know what I want to do now?” He looked down into her face, catching the teasing glint in her eye, “what?” he asked eyeing her warily. “This” she said as she pressed herself flush against him. She rubbed herself against him, kissing him soundly before pulling away from him. “Ready to go back?” She asked in all seriousness. Jon looked at her in disbelief. “You do that and now you want to just keep on walking?” She shrugged and tried to hide her smile, “all I did was kiss you, something wrong with that?” He pulled her to him, “nothing wrong with kissing, I like kissing. Let’s see how you like it.”

He turned her so her back was against the palm tree that was behind them taking both her hands and holding them over her head with one of his. He leaned in and nipped up her neck to her mouth, teasing her lips apart with his tongue before diving in and tasting her fully. He pressed his body against hers, grinding his hips into her, letting her feel his need for her. He trailed his free hand up her side and caressed the curve of her breast as he pulled his mouth from hers, “I want you baby.”

Frannie’s eyes widened, “here?” She looked around, “now?” Jon nodded his head as his fingers brushed across the hardened tip of her breast, “here and now baby.” He trailed his hand down between them, stroking the center seam of her shorts, feeling the heat she was emanating. “You want it too, don’t you baby?” Frannie groaned as she felt his fingers skim the soft skin at her stomach, teasing the button on her shorts and his mouth was nibbling at her neck.

Jon released the button on her shorts, sliding his hand inside, finding her without underwear, wet and ready for him. She lifted her leg to wrap around his waist and, as he slid two fingers into her, Frannie felt his mouth at her ear, “no panties, you’re such a bad girl baby.” She turned her head, her mouth a breath from his, “you love it.” He chuckled and rubbed his thumb across her clit; she groaned and struggled to get her arms free.

He let her arms go and continued to pump his fingers in and out of her. Her hands went to the button on his shorts. He groaned when he felt her hand wrap around and stroke him from tip to base. He pulled her hand from him and, pulling his fingers from her, was home in one urgent thrust. “God baby” he groaned nearly losing it with just that one thrust. He braced one hand on the tree and wrapped the other around Frannie’s waist, holding her as he moved, driving into her, driving them both to the edge and over.

Panting, Jon rested his forehead against hers and opened his eyes to find her smiling at him. “What?” Frannie ran her hands lightly up and down his now sweat-soaked back, “I like your version of kissing better than mine.” He laughed, kissed the end of her nose and gently slipped from her, “come on, let’s get back and see what other trouble we can get into.”

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Just a shout to my loyal readers. I am sorry for the delay in posting, but Jon hasn't been cooperative as of late (read as he's not talking to me for some reason). I am working on the next installment but it isn't coming as easily this time. I will try to have something up soon, but I don't want to force the chapter. Please bear with me.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Chapter 28

The plane ride to Turks and Caicos was uneventful. Jon, Frannie and Tico discussed the show and Frannie discovered that Tico had purchased two of her pieces and he inquired about her maybe doing a show at his gallery. Frannie didn’t know what to say. “Are you serious Tico?” He nodded his head, “absolutely Querida. Your work is wonderful.” By the time they landed in Florida to let Tico off they had made plans to have a conference with Joanne at the Alliance to try to set something up. As they took off again Jon asked Frannie again about the money she had received the prior evening. “You know, you never really answered my question this morning about you giving all the money away.”

Frannie sighed, could she make him understand? She turned in her seat to face him, “I was serious about giving it away Jon. I’m going to put some away for Sophie, but I don’t need it. I have always given the bulk of the proceeds away to the local woman’s shelter, but…” she trailed off. Jon urged her on, “but what?” Frannie had given this part a lot of thought and she just hoped it would go over well with him. “I’d like to split the money between two charities this time; half to the women’s shelter and the other half to the Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation.” She held her breath and waited as he processed what she had just said. He took her hand “that’s very generous of you but you know you could pick any charity, why mine?”

She studied him for a minute, “because what you do with the Soul helps the entire community. You give people hope for the future and I would like to be a part of that, if only with a monetary donation. I also like to think that the women I help at the shelter benefit from what you do through Project H.O.M.E. and Habitat.” Jon kissed her, “if that’s what you want to do, I really can’t stop you. But I will say thank you for your generosity.” Frannie smiled at him, “it is what I want and you’re welcome.” They talked the rest of the way and Jon learned that Frannie had been an only child and her parents and grandparents were all gone, leaving Frannie a wealthy woman. “I have more than I need” she told him softly, “that’s why I give what I make from my paintings away.”

They were still talking when the plane landed. It was late afternoon and the sun was shining as they made their way from the airport to their villa on Parrot Cay Estates, a private expanse that Jon had booked instead of the resort hotel. The villa took Frannie’s breath. It had three bedrooms, living room, full kitchen, dining room; direct access to the beach, there was an outdoor dining area, private swimming pool, and a view beyond compare. Looking out at the beach, it was hard for Frannie to discern where the water stopped at the horizon and the sky started. She turned excitedly to Jon, “can we go to the beach?” He laughed at her exuberance. “Sure, let’s just get our suits on.” Frannie ran into their bedroom and had just found hers when Jon came in, “got it, be right back” she said with a smile as she went into the bathroom. Jon just shook his head and searched out his trunks.

Frannie and Jon headed to the beach, Geena having stayed back with Sophie. Jon took her hand as they walked, enjoying the sounds of the surf and the feel of the sun-warmed sand under their feet. Frannie sighed as they walked. “Everything okay baby?” Jon had heard the sigh and was curious as to what brought it on. They stopped walking and she turned to face him, taking his other hand in hers. “Everything is wonderful Jon. I feel more relaxed than I have in a very long time.” She brought his hands to her mouth, kissing the backs of them lightly, “thank you.” Jon pulled his hands from hers and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her close, “don’t thank me baby, just enjoy it.” Frannie kissed his cheek, “I intend to.” They continued on their walk, closer to the waters edge letting the tide crash up over their feet. It seemed as if they had the entire beach to themselves, they didn’t see any other people as they headed back to their villa.

The sun had started to set as they returned to their villa. Geena had Sophie playing on the floor and Jon went to change as Frannie joined them. They ordered dinner from room service, not wanting to venture out to one of the resort restaurants, content to stay in the villa. Frannie fed Sophie and put her to bed and before the food arrived she showered and slipped into a light sundress. Geena took her meal to her room and left Jon and Frannie alone. They decided to dine outside and enjoy the evening air.

The stars were out in full force as they sat enjoying the Mediterranean fare and light wine. Jon got up and, having docked his ipod earlier, queued up a little light jazz as they ate. “It’s so beautiful here.” Frannie looked around, trying to take everything in; she was going to have to draw this later. Jon was only looking at her, “I’m sure enjoying the view.” She turned her gaze to him, finding him staring at her intently and she felt her face heat up. “I was talking about the view out there” she gestured toward the beach. Jon took her hand across the table, “I wasn’t. You’re beautiful Frannie. Thank you for coming here with me.” He tugged her hand and she got up only to be pulled down onto his lap. He had wanted her alone all afternoon and now that they were, the last thing he wanted to do was eat.

With dinner forgotten, his lips sought hers as his hand ran up her bare leg, under the hem of her dress, resting on her thigh. The kiss was long and slow, their tongues teasing and tantalizing. Frannie could feel him growing hard under her and she eased from the kiss, panting lightly. His lips were busy on her neck and she shivered when he found the sensitive spot at the hollow between her neck and shoulder. “Jon” she tried, “hmmm” he looked up at her.

She made a move to get up off his lap and he held her tight. “Where’re you going?” Taking his hands in hers she rose; “move your chair.” He readjusted and she sat on his lap again, straddling him this time.

Jon’s hands roamed up and down Frannie’s back, one hand tangling in the dark mass of her hair and tugging gently, drawing her head back so he had better access to her neck. As his hot mouth trailed across her skin, Frannie could feel the hard length of him pressing at her. She moved her hips, undulating against him and felt him grow even harder under her. She reached between them and unbuttoned his shirt, stroking her hands across the skin she had bared, teasing the hard points of his nipples with her nails. He shrugged out of the shirt and, finding the hem of her dress, slid it up and off, dropping it to the ground. His eyes widened at the sight of her naked on his lap. “You weren’t wearing anything under there?” She shook her head, “nope.” His mouth found hers again, “are you going to tease me like that all week?” She returned the kiss, hungrily, “I just may.” She moved against him again and his hands busied themselves with her breasts, “baby” he breathed against her, “move a minute?”

He helped Frannie stand and he dropped his shorts to the ground, his erection standing proud between them. “Come here” he took her hand and pulled her close. His mouth came down on hers again, and he sat back down pulling her onto his lap again and she took him in one long smooth stroke. “God Jon” she breathed, nearly coming right then.

“Baby, you feel so good” he murmured against her as she started to move. His hands traveled over her, resting on her hips. He met each of her strokes with a thrust of his own, but it was enough. He slid to the edge of the chair and stood with her in his arms and laid her on the chaise. She wrapped her legs around him and he drove into her. He could feel her start to tighten around him, “let go baby, let it go.” She cried out as her orgasm rushed through her. She threw her head back, arching into his thrusts, dragging him with her.

They lay on the chaise cradled together, chests heaving, trying to drag breath into their lungs. “I don’t think I can move” Frannie sighed. Jon chuckled, “I know I can’t.” He wrapped his arm around her, “we can’t stay out here all night though you know.” Frannie turned her head to kiss him, “I know, but a few minutes won’t hurt, right?” When Frannie opened her eyes again, the moon had moved and the stars were starting to wink out. “Jon” she whispered into the night. “Hmmm.” Frannie nudged him, “Jon, we fell asleep.” He blinked his eyes open, “what, oh shit. I didn’t mean to fall asleep baby.” Frannie stroked his arm that was still wrapped around her, “it’s okay, but maybe we should go inside.” Jon nodded and started to rise, “okay baby, let’s go to bed.”